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General Hydroponics Flora Nutrients are the standard for scientific research, commercial crop production, and for hydroponic gardening enthusiasts who insist on only the best. General Hydroponics Flora Nutrients are used for NASA space flight experiments because they are reliable, adaptable, and pH buffered. Different kinds of plants have significantly different nutrient needs. Different stages in a plant's life-cycle also result in changes in the plant's nutrient requirements. General Hydroponics has studied these cycles and worked to create an "evolutionary formulation" which allows Flora Nutrients to evolve along with the crop. As the crop matures the grower is able to alter the nutrient formulation to meet the crops changing requirements. This is done by using different combinations of the FloraBloom, FloraGrow, and FloraMicro nutrients.

General Hydroponics Flora Nutrients
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Pure Blend Pro is a stand-alone hydro-organic nutrient solution to be used in soil or soilless gardens. Created from a specialty custom blend of organic and natural sources, Pure Blend Pro contains the essential major, secondary, and trace plant nutrients from the land and sea. Unlike many other nutrients on the market today Pure Blend Pro is a single part nutrient. That means there is no complicated mixing of grow, bloom, and miconutrients for every watering. This has it all in one bottle. You simply add Pure Blend Pro Grow during the grow phase, and Pure Blend Pro Bloom for the flower/fruit stage. You can expect vigorous lush green vegetation and superior fruits, flowers, and vegetables.

Pure Blend Pro Nutrients
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Earth Juice liquid organic fertilizers are derived from an array of 100% natural, organic ingredients and formulated for vegetables, ornamentals, shrubs, trees and lawns. Non-burning formulas stimulate vigorous growth and provide abundant yields, while improving the soil. They are highly concentrated, easy to use, dust free, and contain no salt-building chemicals or hidden NPK boosting synthetics. Designed for soil and soilless medias and for indoor or outdoor use, these trusted liquid concentrates fulfill the concerned gardener's need for a convenient alternative that will provide brilliant gardens of thriving plants, naturally. Earth Juice Grow is a nitrogen formulation for vigorous green growth. Earth Juice Bloom is a no-nitrogen phosphorous formula that is used to promote buds, flowers, fruit and vegetables. Earth Juice Catalyst is an organic additive used to increase growth and stimulate production while enhancing the quantity, quality, and flavor of produce and flowers. All the Earth Juice products may be used solely or together for custom formulas.

Earth Juice Organic Nutrients
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