Fungus Gnat Control:
Fungus Gnat Predators

   Use Fungus Gnat Predators (Hypoaspis miles also known as Stratiolaelaps scimitus) for control of Fungus Gnats and most other small, soil-inhabiting insects, Mites, and Springtails. Provides up to 30% control of Western Flower Thrips as well. Eggs hatch in about 2-3 days, and their life cycle is completed in about 11 days at 68 F. Temperature isn’t critical, but they’re inactive below 57 F. They thrive under almost any conditions except flooding or drought.

   Application: Sprinkle Fungus Gnat Predators throughout the growing area onto soil surfaces, capillary mats, hydroponic media, etc. Be sure to treat all wet, exposed areas of soil and greenhouse floors. For bedding plants, it’s probably not essential to treat every single flat, but do apply Predators early enough to allow time for them to spread to other plants. If Fungus Gnat populations are low, 5,000 Predators treats up to 200 square feet of growing surface. Larger pest populations will require larger releases, with one release usually being enough per growing season.

   Handy Hint: In the Fall, pests look for warm hiding spots to “ride out” the Winter. And your plants are the perfect hiding place. So check the undersides of leaves late Fall and mid-Winter.